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*Part 2*


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Gianna:My bestest friend since we were 6,so many memories.We've had our good and bad times but always kept laughing.Sec 4 was definately the trip,winter camp,italy,mental shopping sprees,and all our inside jokes."DO U SEE THIS??"lol.A new year coming up,more great times.See u real soon,luv ya lots,Ada,aka Ay-duh!
Christina:Who knew we'd become friends?I'll never forget our time at the dock during bike trip,one of our best memories together.Our insiders are too long to write but wtv!lol.Unfortunately we didnt get to do as much as we planned this summer,but hey,who said the fun's gotta stop now?A la prochaine mon chikite,luv ya lots,Ada
Tubby:"They dont want blood on their windshields!"Its a classic.Tubby,your always making ppl laugh and ur partyboy dances are the best.Always be who u are and never give up.I'll always be there to listen to u when ur feeling down,and if i seem pissed at u,dont probably having one of "those"days.We understand eachother!Anyways tubalicious,keep smiling,luv u always,Ada
Allison:My fellow shnabonkerlonkian!lol.We've known eachother for a while,and always have a great time when ur around.We didnt get to go see those movies,but we'll rent em!lol. *Leprechaun dance*...i miss that one.Deep down,i know u have a thing for 50 cent!You drunk was the funniest more 7-up shooters and cats 4 us!Sec 5 coming up...more retarded jokes,see u soon,Ada
Mel: Go shorty!Laronde would never be the same without u!You may be the smallest,but u the bravest!lol.Oh ya..and no more henna tattoos!Mel,always keep that smile on ur face,and remember:"good things come in small packages" right?Take care,luv ya lots,Ada
Kelley: Gooothro!Sorry for all the times i make those typos!lol.We really got to know eachother more this year,so many memories in and outta leadership.That joke u played on us about the mini cooper was actually good.U got me fooled!lol.Luv ya lots,Ada
Jeff: Its jeffrey!The faces u made on the rollar coasters were priceless!You were meant to be in leadership,wouldnt be the same without u."Its the muffin man!"lol.This year was great,the next will be even better.Luv ya lots,Ada
Alessia: Puta!When u laugh,everyone else laughs!I'll nevr forget the time we sat by the lake at bike trip and just talked about our problems.We should do it more often!lol.We beame great friends this year,not to mention putas!As u would say,respect all da way,luv ya lots,Ada
Alex:"where my doggs at??"lol.We had too many laughs on the bus,not to mention english class.Keep up the music...its ur thing.And no more barking ok?lol.*sweetfarts*Have a great year,see ya soon.Luv ya lots,Ada
Alex L: One word:Hockey.You'll finish that bike trip this year...without a doubt.Laronde and the waterparks were a blast,too bad oka didnt happen.See ya real soon,luv ya lots,Ada
Jase:It really sux ur not coming back to rhs.We'll still keep in touch.That spring break 05 better happen!lol.Same thing with the escalade and hummer to hear from u,Luv ya lots,Ada
Jess m.:Mommi!!jess..its a classic and u know it!loll.ur a great friend...and our friendship grew i think because of the key incident.Sounds weird but it was the first group fight.But hey,we all have a blast 2gether...have an amazing year.Luv ya lots,ada

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