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*Part 2*

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More InsiderS

1-poop poo!
2-sweet farts...i mean sweet tarts
4-leadership,leadership,leadership(in posessed voice)
5-wrap it up!!!lol
6-omg chriss!ur a tomato!
7-tell him he's mean.What?he's mini??
8-something went wrong in the process of *****'s conceiving!
10-jase!stop humping the dog!
11-Jess?why are u looking in the freezer for film?
12-stick it out!i wanna see it again!
13-how do u do the work on this page?umm,those are the answers!
14-My grandmother told me i had the biggest!
16-u got an erection chriss!
17-u like my 86er's jersey??
18-la p'tite vielle damme dans le van!
19-omg!!!i cant shut the sun-roof
20-look ada,that bird is missing a leg!!
21-Are they from argentina?no..theyre from arizona
23-stoopid racoon bleedin everywhere
24-i like that word...wick'tt...chriss,its wicked
25-that squirrel is gonna attack us!
26-f'ing chinx...they think they own the road
27-his name is hovig..what is he?